Weekly Reflection 2

Before this week, there were two directions I would like to pursue: diversity/inclusive practices and information. I planned to do lots of secondary research on these two topics and picked one. The result was that I actually did do lots of research, but I also went down the rabbit hole. I created so many categories in Notion. In each category, there were more layers of documents. At the end, I ended up creating a document called “About Me: Life Stories”. In the document, I honestly wrote down the topics I care about and analysed why I care about it. I found that the reason I care about how the information is formed and delivered is because I would like to help people to get closer to each other, to understand each other’s standpoint, and to find common grounds. Also, I am interested in and more confident on the field of design. As a result, my decide to “diversity & Inclusive design practices“ as my topic.

Anchi Hsin