Workshop 9: Natural User Interface

This week's topic workshop is Natural User Interface, ran by Nathalia, Elijah, Grace, and Jimmy. I learned a lot from it as well as had fun looking at teams’ performances during share-out sessions. This topic reminds me of the history of IxD class and the AI class I took. Even though technologies indeed create severe social problems, history reminds me that we have come a long way and makes me appreciate what people have accomplished. Also, history can alert us to focus on how to apply technologies cleverly. The negative example of Ring that the teams show us is the best way to illustrate this concept (can’t believe the product got funded).

Recently, I am working on a project that aims to help people develop leisure reading. For some reason, I was trying so hard to apply data into the project and forget that analog experience is key. Like what the workshop has said, context is key and in this particular context, what I should do is to think about how to facilitate analog human interaction, instead of obsessing about digital information.

The same thing applies to my senior project. Even though I am using the app to achieve my goal, but the focus is also on how to facilitate human interactions smoothly. If possible, the-next level-goal is to reimagine kinder, more humane ways for people to interact with one another, which I think is the ultimate goal of interaction design.

Anchi Hsin