Project Update 9


This week, I tested out my concept with two more people. The biggest change I make is to form small groups--three minimum, not more than 4. Pairing people up with two to three people, instead of just one to avoid awkwardness and safety concerns.  

Also, there are some logistics and mechanism that I need to figure out: 

  • The chance of people who are going to the same restaurant at the same time might not be very high. How about the app activity scheduling a lunch meeting beforehand?

  • With limited restaurant places, people might meet other people who are not their original pair-up partners and might just eat together, which may cause the failure of inclusiveness. How to avoid people to cheat the system? Expand restaurant choices by offering free Uber rides in a limited radius?

  • Who is paying the cost? Companies or restaurants?

  • How to let people know what to expect? How to indicate that it is matching for inclusiveness? Is there any other HR program that can leverage the lunchmate app?

My plan next week is to talk to more people and finish up my wireframe. Also, start to prototype the algorithm in processing. 

Anchi Hsin