Topic Workshop: Game

The topic of the workshop is Game, which is run by Tiger, Sherrie, Tia, and Alvin. To me, the workshop is divided into 3 parts: the backgrounds and trends of games, how gamification can imply into projects, and the game activities.

In the first part of the workshop, when they showed an example of the pokemon creature may objectify and sexualize women, it somehow clicks to me. I often have a strange feeling when watching Pokemon anime since I was a child, but I didn’t think through the reasons behind it until now. People nowadays can easily define an obvious harmful design (the Muslim Massacre example), but we still need more time and effort to discover a design that has hidden bias and discrimination (the pokemon example).

In the second part, when they talked about gamification, it echoes my design experiences since I used this technique in several of my projects. If the goal is to create “fun”, I think gamification is the best technique to achieve it as long as we pay close attention to the ethics that it implies.

In the last part of the game activity, it helps me reflect a lot about my thesis project: Diversity and Inclusion workplace. I think the cheering game is a very good choice as a warmup game since it uses awkwardness to beat awkwardness. I guess the theory is that people can break the ice and loosen up when they are all forced to experience a large amount of awkwardness all together in a short amount of time without calling them out individually and making them feel unsafe. For example, the traditional routine for an event warm-up might be introducing ourselves on by one. However, it might be intimidating to some people when they need to receive all the spotlight from a new and unfamiliar group. On the other hand, doing a warm-up game like this, people can have one-on-one experiences without feeling targeted.

The second game, grammar collaboration, is competitive and collaborative at the same time. Since I didn't start to join a group at the beginning, I was searching for a group until people already finish forming them. The first thing that comes to mind is to join a smaller group since I feel like larger groups don’t need me. It might just be the nature of this game, but it somehow made me feel excluded a little bit even though no one in the big groups excludes me. What are the reasons behind the feeling? I guess these are what I can find out through the rest of the semester.

I was in the smallest group: Hair licks eyeglasses

I was in the smallest group: Hair licks eyeglasses

Anchi Hsin