Workshop 8: Mental Illness

I think the topic of this week's workshop is the relatively serious one. It’s easy to talk about mental illness to people who don’t have one, but it’s sensitive to talk about it to people who have one. 

In a stressful society nowadays, the population with mental illness is decreasing. It reminds me of “Joker”, the recent film that I watch which talks about the vicious cycle: how societies create hostility that creates mental illness, how mental illness shapes individuals' behaviors, and how these behaviors influence societies. Sometimes the negative thoughts are so strong that it can not be eliminated by just talking to people, going out, or any other individual efforts. 

What I am more curious about are: 

How might we, as a society, to build a systematic safety net to help people recover from or live with mental illness peacefully? 

For the topic of mental illness, it’s especially crucial to share patients' burdens so they can recover from the illness easier.   

How might we, as a society, to build a better environment that can prevent people from getting mental illness? 

This might not be an appropriate way to describe it, but I think society nowadays seems to be “nudging” people to get mental illness. How can we create a better world? As designers, we have crucial social responsibilities. Instead of focusing on types of technologies, we need to be more aware of what do we do with technologies.   

How might we help friends around us who have mental illness to go through it? 

I am the kind of person who doesn't know how to comfort people when they are sad, not to mention how to help a friend who has a mental illness. I think we all need to be trained to some degree, or else it is easy to be an accomplice unconsciously.

Anchi Hsin