Project Update 8

For this week, I decided to put my focus on refining my Lunchmate idea by doing wireframes.

Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 10.35.31 PM.png

There are a few things I am considering and would like to test them out:

Ways to get lunch:

There are multiple ways that people grab lunch. People may go to restaurants, bring their food and sit in companies’ lounges, order to-go with teammates, or having lunch meetings, which lunch is ordered by the HR department or project managers. I would like to find out if I should only focus on the first situation or some other situations.

Ways to facilitate initiate conversations:

I had a similar project which also requires pairing up people but in an educational context. What I learned is that helping people to break the ice is crucial. To achieve true Diversity and Inclusion means that people need to talk about things that are beyond the surface level. For example, ideally, they should be comfortable enough to share their family events on weekends, instead of just chatting about the weather. I need to create a safe place so employees won't consider talking about their personal lives is oversharing and they don't need to feel afraid that people will be talking rumors behind their back. Also, I need to figure out how to make people who are more introverted to be also willing to participate in this program without feeling uncomfortable.

Ways to incent people:

I currently use some kind of anonymous leaderboard to motivate people to participate in the program. Also, people can receive discounts from partnered restaurants, or even free meals that are sponsored by their companies' D&I programs. Hopefully, next week, I can understand more details of how the programs work by doing more research, then I can think of more ways to collaborate with companies.

For next week, I would like to finish up my wireframes and test them out, as well as thinking how the services work in business perspectives.

Anchi Hsin