Weekly Reflection 6: Primary Research+ Ideation

This week is my primary research week and I feel like I am finally making some progress.

Even though my interviewees are still from CCA communities, and their experiences are so different that they don’t overlap, I still heard some interesting points. Some of the important things I learned are:

  1. Commonality and hierarchy are the two main factors that influence the way people interact in the workplace— people interact with others who are similar to them unless they need to/ are being forced to talk to a specific person or groups

  2. D&I is a difficult thing to talk about because things relate to political correctness trigger people sensitive nerves

  3. The key to D&I is to help every individual to be as diverse as possible.

Based on these findings, I thought of a few ideas. They were very ambiguous. However, not until I brought them to my instructor, I started to realize that some of the ideas have a sense of playfulness and gamification might be the tool I can use to extend their potential. While changing inner D&I policies can be hard, redesign or create other interactions related to D&I can be a more interesting route.


So, I organized my insights again and turned them into How Might We questions.


Also, I redefined the problem and the goal to reorganize my thoughts.


Then, I continued doing secondary research on existing games/ team building activities/ brainstorming strategies and turned my ideas into storyboards.

Besides interviewees, discussing my thesis project to the other two professors are also helpful. Barry reminded me to frame a more focused and smaller problem, and Christine suggested some ways to approach my project with AI algorithms.

For next week, I plan to create more storyboards and wireframes to test them with more interviewees. Hopefully, before Friday, I can document my progress in a more organized way and have three prototypes that have been tested with three users.

Anchi Hsin